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The Pocits Project a collaboration of people, organizations and companies participating in the development of the Pocits NETWORK as directed by Pocits INC and funded by sponsors through pocitcoin. For full details visit the Sponsor page at


148,500 OF 150,000




Debit Credit or Paypal here


Sponsor Request Form here


Network members support local enterprise by simply buying pocitcoin for their own use from Sponsors can also support a specific enterprise by purchasing pocitcoin directly from the project itself and its development team or by accepting them as a merchant.



Pocitcoin is distributed via's regional networks and disbursed directly to local enterprise initiatives through three classes of projects: BusinessCommunity, and Private. Sponsored projects receive a pocitcoin grant deposited in their self-directed enterprise account to assist in development and operations.


Sponsors may be use their pocitcoin to purchase Pocits marketing products or goods and services from participating merchants and may sell them peer-to-peer or on the bitshares exchange. There are three ways to purchase pocitcoin from a project: E-Transfer, Shopping Cart, or via Bitshares Exchange.


Send an e-transfer through your bank account to a project using the email address Be sure to include the project name (e.g. Pocits project or Acme Project) For first time sponsors, a new member account and activation email is automatically generated at

Shopping Cart

Members can login to your member account at and click on Settings in your account profile. View your current pocitcoin balance and click Buy to make a purchase via PaypalDebit or Credit.

Bitshares Exchange

For the crypto savvy, sponsors can purchase Pocit tokens with either the BTS or BITUSD crypto currency. Simply fill in the Sponsorship Request form below with the amount of tokens you'd like to purchase. We'll set up the rest through Bitshares peer-to-peer Barter service sent to your bitshares account.


An email confirmation is sent with your token purchase deposited to your member account at Tokens displayed within your member profile are virtual tokens that represent your crypto tokens and transactions in your Pocits crypto wallet hosted by Bitshares financial services.

The Pocits NETWORK offers its members six types of accounts driven by Bitshares platform: Personal, Group, Corporate, Merchant, Enterprise, and Vesting. A member may opt to transfer their tokens to a self-created and self-directed bitshares account anytime. Simply login at and click Edit Profile located below your profile picture and enter the your account's public key.

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