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WILLYUM's Strawberry U-Pick is a homesteading project located in the Ludlow township of Northumberland County, New Brunswick and is sponsored by the Hovey family who have dedicated a section of their 200-acre property. The mission is to revive the farmland portion of this 100-year-old family heritage from its current dormant state into a thriving agricultural enterprise for the benefit of its workers and the local economy.

The project owner and manager is William Hunt, a city boy from Ontario and a Hovey descendant. Will became a resident of New Brunswick in 2016 and since graduating from Leo Hayes High School in 2019, has dedicated a year of his sweat and resources to homesteading education and to the real-time challenge of farming. Over the past year, Will has assessed the land and prepped its chemical composition, rejuvenated the spring-fed water reservoir, tested trial crops, acquired equipment, and recruited advisors and mentors. Will is currently researching and constructing the support systems essential for maintaining this season's 6000 strawberry harvest while planning for next years addition of 100 hascap, and 500 pickle plants.

Grant balance: 390 tokens

request a token purchase at

Season Pre-Orders

Secure your fresh picked strawberries this season with a  5 or 10 quart bulk order.

5 Baskets

$25 @ $5.00 ea.

10 Baskets

$45 @ $4.50 ea.

Strawberry harvest begins around mid June and lasts about 7 weeks. Pre-order receipts and delivery details will be confirmed via the email address you submit when you pay. 

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2. Debit or Credit via Paypal

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