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City Network

building better ways to connect online

The Project

The Pocits PROJECT the flagship name for the Pocits (poc-kets) network and our series of systems projects each engineered to serve as a public utility. Pocits Project is developed in collaboration with corporations, organizations and individuals participating in various capacities as advisors, mentors, division heads, team leads, managers, contractors, workers, beta users and client partnersIn addition to engaging with friends and contacts, the Pocits network...

  • simplifies your digital life through multitudes of community and business apps,

  • connects people, organizations, and corporations as residents of city & town networks,

  • scales internationally within autonomous county, state, and country networks,

  • competes for local, regional, and international marketing budgets,

  • grants its revenue back to local enterprise projects in perpetuity, and

  • monetizes independent content creators and broadcasters too.


the Network

Pocits networking innovations and transmedia solutions consolidate multitudes of single purpose apps and websites into one online world and simplifies digital life for you, your town, and beyond.


the Token

The advertising potential of the Pocits network is embodied in the pocit token distributed regionally by county through project grants. Network earnings are retained in reserves to fund local enterprise.


the XCHG

More than just an advertising token, pocitcoin is a commodity; a trade-able block of goods that captures the rising market value of the network's marketing products to the benefit of all token holders.

The Members

The Funding

Development is funded through the project's reserve holdings of 100 million tokens which are disbursed as required to provide liquidity to its enterprise pool, a global budget of 800 million tokens. All project budgets, earnings and rewards are assigned and settled in pocitcoin which may be swapped by team members or exchanged via the project's reserve for cash and/or select crypto currencies (BTS & BTC).



Pocits Inc was founded in May of 2009 to research and develop pocits, a multipurpose information transmedia concept to simplify online networking and communications between people, organizations and corporations.


The company is responsible for the oversight of project operations, network development and deployment, token distribution and management of the token's index.



Our next-level development anticipates rapid growth and career opportunities for get'r done enthusiasts interested in digital media, networking, marketing and advertising, cryptocurrency and blockchain. The team is funded through pocitcoin.

Follow us below for notifications of employment opportunities and for the network's open-to-the-public sign-up announcement.



Partners are our first-in professional and corporate beta-users and clients participating in validating network UI/UX and marketing product developments, token distribution and enterprise grants.

Partners can earn pocitcoin and may also purchase tokens during any of our ad-block sales events here at Pocitcoin can be swapped directly between network members of via our XCHG services.


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for each city and town


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