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Building a world of online city networks for you and your town.


The Pocits project a collaboration of people, organizations, and corporations participating in the ongoing development and support of Pocits systems including the Pocits NETWORK, TOKEN, and EXCHANGE as directed by Pocits INC and funded via pocitcoin.


the Network

Pocits networking innovations and transmedia solutions consolidate multitudes of single purpose apps and websites into one online world and simplifies digital life for you, your town, and beyond.


the Token

The revenue potential of is distributed to cities & towns via pocitcoin with proceeds retained to fund local enterprise first. The network earns revenue when its marketing products are purchased.


the XCHG

More than just an advertising token, pocitcoin is a commodity; a trade-able block of goods that captures the rising market value of the network's marketing products to the benefit of all token holders.


The Members

 ...are a diverse body of professionals and corporations participating in various capacities as advisors, mentors, contractors, division heads, team leaders, task managers, workers, and as beta user partners. The organization's budgets, earnings, and rewards are assigned and settled in pocitcoin via its reserve and enterprise pool which may be converted to other currencies by the recipients. 



Pocits Inc was founded in May of 2009 to research and develop pocits, a multipurpose information transmedia concept to simplify online networking and communications between people, organizations and corporations.


The company is responsible for the oversight of project operations, network development and deployment, token distribution, and management of the token's index.



Our next-level development anticipates rapid growth and career opportunities for get'r done enthusiasts interested in digital media, networking, marketing and advertising, cryptocurrency and blockchain. Team are funded through pocitcoin.

Follow us below for notifications of employment opportunities and for the network's upcoming public Sign-Up & Token Sales Event.



Partners are professional and corporate  sponsors participating as first-in beta users in validating ongoing network development, token distribution, and the Enterprise Grant program.

Beta user partners earn pocitcoin and may purchase more during our project sponsor events here at Pocitcoin may be exchanged directly between members at or via  the services of network's reserve.


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for each city and town