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Our Network project is about the online world of and the regional networks within it. Networks where, in addition to connecting with friends and contacts, you can engage publicly within your town's public commons and beyond too. A place free from nefarious data-mining where members possess ownership, control and responsibility over their identity, content and communications. The architecture of

  • simplifies your digital life for business and community;

  • connects people, organizations, and corporations within city & town networks;

  • scales internationally by county, state, and country networks;

  • competes for local, regional, and international marketing budgets;

  • grants sales revenue back to local enterprise projects in perpetuity, and

  • monetizes independent content creators and broadcasters too.

Pocits bizcard


Client marketing within pocits is managed through a single control panel with directory, promotion and advertising apps that feature your business content and community activities. Marketing is free to visitors of corporate and professional profiles with upgrade fees for circulation to the public commons of regional networks where people search, find, browse and discover.

The Marketing project handles all things related to commercial and non-commercial marketing within The network's marketing apps make doing business easy, effective and cost efficient. The team's objective is to:


  • maximize the business-consumer dynamics and utility of the network

  • assess the advertising potential of each type of regional network within

  • manage the marketing suite's products and user control panel (bizcard)

  • manage the the core business-consumer SMARTS

  • update and maintain exchange rate pricing for cash and/or alt crypto currency purchases

  • direct sales revenues to their respective reserves

Marketing products are priced in pocitcoin whereas prices in fiat or other crypto currencies commence at $200 USD and will eventually be set by conversion to the POCIT token's daily free-market spot price on the DEX plus a surcharge. The Pocits network sells marketing products to advertisers only, it does not sell tokens to members nor to buyers on the DEX (See XCHG).

pocits index


The Index project is about the design and creation of the Pocit Index (PDX) with ongoing maintenance to include multiple parties in various capacities working in concert with all systems projects as required. The Index project requires analysis of both online and offline advertising mediums to determine, design, and formulate metrics to measure and monitor the ad-block; a basket of marketing products within three classes: directories, promotions, and advertising.

The PDX measures and equates the percentage of change in the initial cash price offering of pocits’ ad-block ($200 USD) against our competitors' ad-block (a similar basket of products currently estimated at $10K to $12K USD). As the network's suite of marketing products are priced in pocitcoin, the PDX serves a price discovery mechanism for both advertisers and token holders, to minimize volatility in the free-market exchange price of pocitcoin.

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Pocitcoin is a digital asset issued on the Bitshares blockchain and trades under the name POCIT. The mandate of the Token project is to establish, distribute, and maintain the integrity of pocitcoin as a tradeable commodity as featured at and detailed in our white paper. Oversight and fair market price for pocitcoin is provided through the Pocit Index, the token’s price discovery mechanism.


Pocitcoin transforms advertising from a static expense to a dynamic tradable commodity. In addition to redeeming tokens for superior business-consumer advertising and networking at, corporations, professionals and the general public may buy and/or sell the network's ad-blocks for their upside profit potential via the free-market exchange of pocitcoin on the DEX.


Each token (i1.00000) represents and ad-block (100,000 units of marketing): a fixed amount of time (240 hours), circulation (county: 100,000 population), and products (10 apps) within the ecosystem of The token's value is the goods it secures and represents ownership of the network’s advertising. As our marketing suite is priced in pocitcoin, the token offers utility and guaranteed buying power irrespective of rising and fluctuating prices in all other accepted currencies.

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The XCHG project is about the design, structure and operations of POCIT asset management and currency exchange services. The XCHG provides financial management services to county reserves, grant recipients, and network members both virtually at (database) and digitally on the DEX via Bitshares financial utilities (blockchain).

The XCHG buys and sells assets on the DEX on behalf of all token holders. In addition, the XCHG team facilitates currency swaps on behalf of all county reserves and may trade its own XCHG fee holding profits to strategically balance its portfolio for the benefit of XCHG team of traders.

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The Reserve project accounts for 10% of pocitcoin and is distributed to each county within the network. Each county's reserve of POCIT assets are equal in amount to one eighth (1/8th) of their respective population (e.g.: 12.5K per 100K population). A reserve's POCIT holdings (ad-blocks) represent the total amount of advertising available to satisfy the local advertiser demand. Each reserve must maintain its holdings at a minimum balance equal to its initial allotment of ad-blocks, held in either pocitcoin and/or their equivalent value in other currencies. Reserves provide liquidity to enterprise grants recipients and member token holders via Pocits Exchange (XCHG).

When network advertising is purchased with pocitcoin it is received directly into a reserve’s holdings whereas purchases in fiat and/or other crypto currencies require conversion into pocitcoin. Conversion is executed in two ways. First, a reserve may simply retain its fiat capital from as sales by burning an equivalent amount of POCIT from its holdings thereby deleting them from the reserve and the circulating supply. Secondly, a county reserve may use its capital to purchase POCIT from grant recipients and members or from the DEX to replenish its ad-block holdings.

Reserves may also swap assets with other reserves to balance and/or profit their portfolio holdings. Collectively, reserves are the primary driver of market demand for pocitcoin.

Reserves and their holdings, are the property of their respective county network and their collective membership. Reserves are governed by local trustee delegates in conjunction with Pocits' Reserve Project team and in respect to policy, governance, and operations as mediated by the Reserve SMARTS.

Pocits grant icon.png


The Enterprise project is allocated the lion's share of pocitcoin (80%) for distribution to the public via project grants to help fund the enterprise initiatives of members within each county. Member projects posted in the county's commons and endorsed by the residents, may qualify for pocitcoin grants.

There are three classifications of projects: private, community and business. Projects owner's can exchange granted tokens for other currencies from their reserve as needed. Initially, projects can exchange their granted tokens for reserve capital only to provide liquidity for their project needs. Eventually, projects will be able to directly exchange their granted tokens to pay workers, exchange with merchants, or sell them peer-to-peer with any buyer. Members will also be able to support a specific project by simply exchanging tokens directly with the project itself.

At, 100% of the advertising revenue earned from your town stays in your town! By simply marketing goods and services, network advertisers help to support enterprise in their community. Your county's advertising sales revenue is retained within your local reserve. The total amount of Enterprise assets distributed to each county is directly proportional to population at a one-to-one ratio thus, a county of 100,000 population is allotted 100,000 tokens.

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How many times have you clicked on Terms of Agreement but never actually read any of the legalese? The SMARTS project is about a new approach to user policies and agreements that simplifies, educates and informs network members with specific and relevant information available on request.


SMARTS is an acronym for system module agreements, resolutions, terms and statutes. At any and every point of engagement within the Pocits network, users can access, view, and choose to opt in or out of specific policies through the SMARTS interactive wiki styled forums and governance. In addition to the network's SMARTS system, a company, organization or person can independently create their own SMARTS to tailor corporate policies and agreements with employees and clients, members, contacts, and followers too.

Pocits enterprise


The corporate director of the Pocits Project is Pocits Inc. The company was founded in May of 2009 to research and develop pocits, a multipurpose information transmedia concept to simplify online networking and communications between people, organizations and corporations.

The network was engineered to be a public utility and does not operate as a corporate entity nor does it contract with any corporate entity deemed as being a country, county, municipality, city or township. In keeping with this intent, Pocits Inc transfers ownership of its property and rights over the domain name, logo and trademark branding, the UI and UX architecture and software, database content, user data, and all local ad sale revenues to the regional county networks and their collective membership via a trade sale and subsequent acquisition so as to:

  1. sever the platform as separate and apart from the legal corporate entity of Pocits Inc, its founders, advisers, shareholders, creditors, and any related obligations and encumbrances if any, and to

  2. set Pocits Inc separate and apart from the Pocits Project and the Network to serve in a directorship capacity only as overseer of ongoing systems development and operations, and thereby

  3. render the network to its collective membership in perpetuity free from future trade sale acquisitions by any corporate or private entity, and to 

  4. liberate the POCIT token from any inference as being a security or investment instrument rather than being a commodity, and to

  5. initiate the distribution of pocitcoin via payment to Pocits Inc for the sale and subsequent acquisition of the above by the collective membership of network.

This acquisition was settled by transfer of i200,000,000 to Pocits Inc and equates to 2% of the total supply of pocitcoin. The status of the company’s token holdings are:

i20,000,000 Operations (circulating supply)

i80,000,000 Term Deposit (non-circulating)

i100,000,000 Pocits Project Reserve (kickstart investment)

The company is responsible for the oversight of the Pocits Project and all its systems development projects. The company executive, staff and partners endeavor to ensure that each aspect of the project conforms and complies with applicable legal and taxation regulations for each of the regions within which it operates.

Systems development is funded the Pocits Project's 100 million token reserve provided by Pocits Inc. as kickstart funding and which provides liquidity to the project's 800 million enterprise pool; it's global development budget. All project budgets, earnings and rewards are assigned and settled in pocitcoin which projects and their developers may swap for cash and/or select crypto currencies (BTS & BTC) via the project's exchange liquidity pool.

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