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Ownership of a pocit token is ownership of a pocits ad-block, a tradeable commodity. Pocitcoin digital assets trade on the Bitshares blockchain under the name POCIT and are underwritten by the indexed value of the ad-block and their utility to purchase marketing and fund enterprise within ecosystem of Irrespective of the rising price for pocits marketing in all other currencies, the purchase price for an entire ad-block in pocitcoin is always one token.



Ten marketing products with circulation to one hundred thousand people for ten days of time or any combination thereof such as, 10,000 people for 100 days or one product only for 900 days!


An ad-block consists of 100,000 units of three elements: products*, circulation and time. The lowest denomination of a pocit token is 0.00001 or one unit whereas 0.10000 is 10,000 units and 1.00000 represent the entire block of 100,000. Thus, 0.00001 of pocitcoin = 1 unit of product, 1 person, and 8.64 seconds.


*each marketing product is value weighted

100 Tokens

  • Your token purchase is secured by your email address - crypto know-how not required. An email confirmation is sent and virtual tokens are deposited in your new or existing wallet at Your true digital assets are deposited in a mirrored crypto wallet hosted on the bitshares blockchain

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