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Offices are your B2B network. Circulate your profile's full suite of marketing apps to showcase you business within the commons of our Office networks. Maximize your exposure by posting demographic, category and keyword driven coupons, flyers, vouchers, posters, billboards and walls where professoanls and companies can search and find or browse and discover you.


Enjoy flat rate fees with no 'pay-per-click' charges and ad content and keywords that you can edit at anytime as they circulate 24/7 in the book, mall, news and town within the Book, Mall, News and Town hubs.


  • Directory apps are free to Offices when followers take your Biz Card. Add the complete Office Marketing & Advertising package to activate an array of apps. Control budget expenses with monthly flat rate prices, 24/7 access, and discretionary on/off app activation for total campaign management.
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