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$1.00 USD / $1.28 CDN

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Your token purchase is secured by your email address, crypto know-how not required. An email confirmation is sent and virtual tokens are deposited in your new or existing wallet at The true digital assets are deposited in your account's mirrored crypto wallet hosted on the bitshares blockchain. 

You may opt to use a self-directed crypto account by clicking Edit Profile located below your profile picture and entering the public key or named account in the field. Token balances may be transferred between your pocits account and self-directed account. A self-directed account can engage directly on the bitshares exchange (DEX) and bypass Pocits XCHG services.​


Pocitcoin is ownership of Pocits advertising; a tradeable commodity. Each digital asset secures a fixed measure of marketing products, circulation and time within the network. The token offers guaranteed buying power irrespective of the rising or fluctuating cash price for network marketing.

A single token secures an entire ad-block: 10 products circulated to a county of 100,000 people for 10 days or any combination thereof. For example, all products to a population of 10,000 people lasts 100 days whereas circulating only coupons, last for 900 days! The lowest denomination of a pocit token is 0.00001 or one one hundredth of an ad-block whereas 0.10000 is 10,000 units and 1.00000 is an entire block.


Prior to POCIT token sales on the exchange (DEX) pocitcoin was available only through direct purchase here at and settled virtually at then physically via peer-to-peer transfers executed on the blockchain. The token's initial sale was held on March 1, 2020, as a systems project to develop the network's virtual and mirrored crypto wallets for members.

The tokens offered via direct message invitation to family and friends, were from the enterprise budget of our XCHG project. The beta test ran to midnight March 31,2020. Invitees were offered a simple link to this page where they could select a single token or a number of their choosing. The beta test secured 35 takers for a total sale of approximately 20,500 tokens @ $1 USD. Subsequently, our 35 tokens virtual account holders were able to swap tokens virtually but were not permitted to sell them on DEX prior to Mar 1, 2022.

The Pocits network sells real world advertising with a suite of marketing products priced in pocitcoin. One token can and will always secure an entire ad-block whereas the cash price on opening day of the network's commons will start at $200 USD*. The Pocits project is now offering to the Bitshares blockchain community the opportunity to secure an ad-block at the same introductory price of $1 USD per token from this account pocits-projects. This offering is a Pocits project sale* from its enterprise asset pool. Non-crypto virtual buyers may still participate as detailed below.

1. $200 USD: this opening price is a minimum and may be subject to change.

2. Pocits project sale: This asset sale does not constitute an ICO.

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